Python on SLP

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Python on SLP

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Hello friends,

Is it possible to run a python program under SLP? If yes, please explain how. I am trying to create a GUI under SLP and would like to do it via Python.

I really appreciate any help I can get. :D

Thank you,
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Re: Python on SLP

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Yes, of course you can.

It is basically a raspbian, so you can do most of the things that you can do with a raspberry-pi, except for the ones that require hardware parts that are not present. It may require work, though. In particular, notice that the filesystem is locked and that the partition is rather small (to have maximum place for records on another partition) so you might need to tweak things if you want to install tons of software or libraries.

However, SLP do not have graphical environment by default (only video feedback) so it is possibly not the best base to run a GUI.
Depending on your project, and in particular if you need one of the special features of SLP, you may have to choose to improve SLP or start with a base that has a graphical environment such as raspbian (need to add some low-level StereoPi specifics) or the OpenCV image for StereoPi.

About python, it works the same way as with any Linux. Just transfer the files in the StereoPi and run the script from command line.
I do not know what to say to give precisions, since it depends on your prior knowledge that I cannot evaluate.
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