HDMI female dismount

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Joseph Phillips
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HDMI female dismount

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I plugged cameras in, SD in, HDMI, all that. Monitor showed two distributions to choose from, I was smiling. I was ready to begin a project. Then the female HDMI connector, along with male end of HDMI cord, detached from board. Monitor is blank. I removed the snap-down module and the cameras and bagged them up. Can I please get a replacement StereoPi board? I have everything else from the kit? I only got to use it for three minutes.

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Re: HDMI female dismount

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Hi Joseph,
Could you please attach a photo of your board after this problem?
UPD> Joseph, I’ve write you an email to the address you’ve used for registering on this forum. Please answer me :)
Eugene a.k.a. Realizator

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