V2 kit assembly questions

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V2 kit assembly questions

Post by bonhiver »

I got my V2 kit and am trying to get started.

It came with no instructions and the quick start guide is missing the following information:

Wiring for the display
Wiring for the activation pushbutton switch

It also came with two memory cards. One with a red sticker and one with a green.

What is on each card?

I would really like to start making videos and taking pictures ASAP, so any help would be GREAT!

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Re: V2 kit assembly questions

Post by Excel »

I got my v2 kit few days ago, and like you I can't figure how to plug the display.

About the memory cards, the green sticker one is formatted with "OpenCV" and the red one with "SLP".

You can find what's SLP and OpenCV here, at the end of the page :
https://wiki.stereopi.com/index.php?tit ... tart_Guide

But, yeah. Actually, v2 kits are shipped, but there isn't many documentation about "how to assemble" and "how to use" from start to end.

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Re: V2 kit assembly questions

Post by ch0rtle »

I second the request for assembly walkthrough! I'm also curious to see get TFT screen and shutter button working. We've heard there will be a post in the next day or so detailing assembly, shutter, and display plus more. In the meantime I have it put together and taking pictures/video via Ethernet.

OpenCV (computer learning)is on one SD card, SLP2 (stereo photography) is on other SD card. I can't answer to the bag sticker color bc mine were switched and in different bags than noted on Quickstart page. OpenCV boots an orange desktop and you can use USB mouse and keyboard. SLP2 boots with anaglyph glasses and you connect to it from another PC/mobile by going to "http://stereopi" in a browser. At least, that's what worked for me. "Stereopi.local" is supposed to work but didn't for me.
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Re: V2 kit assembly questions

Post by Realizator »

Hello guys,
Sorry for my late reply.
The assembly guides are now published in our Wiki:
StereoPi Quick Start Guide
StereoPi Camera Kit Quick Start Guide

The micro SD card with the SLP2 is marked by a green sticker, and OpenCV is by a red one.

A detailed guide for the SLP2 is coming soon!
Eugene a.k.a. Realizator

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