Setting shutter speed in stereo mode

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Setting shutter speed in stereo mode

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I am using Python Picamera to control the two cameras connected to Stereopi. In stereo mode, when I try to set the shutter speed (after setting exposure_mode = "off"), using

camera.shutter_speed = 2000

it only sets the shutter speed for camera_num = 0 but not for camera_num = 1. Is there a way to change the shutter speed for both cameras? What is the proper way to set the exposure and AWB settings for both cameras?

Thank you

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Re: Setting shutter speed in stereo mode

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Hi PlaywPi,
You see, not 100% of features for the single camera support is implemented for the stereo mode. We did not check shutter speed but found this issue with the sharpness.
Usually we put such a notice in this thread on the Raspberry Pi forum: Stereoscopic camera capture (for COMPUTE MODULE) - now implemented (2014).
Eugene a.k.a. Realizator

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