IMX219-83 Stereo Camera Waveshare

Raspberry Pi cameras (V1, V2, wide angle etc), HDMI capture modules etc.
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IMX219-83 Stereo Camera Waveshare

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This is very interesting to me as I already 8-) have a Leica BLK3D which is essentially the same with the addition of a laser distance metre which measures the distance to the approximate (?) centre of the image. This gives scale and orientaion of the pairs.
One other thing about the BLK3D that I do not yet see from Stereopi users is that the cameras are offset both horizontally and vertically which I think helps with the stereo computation.

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Re: IMX219-83 Stereo Camera Waveshare

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Hi JtLadD,
Actually, when you have both horizontal and vertical offsets, it is similar to rotating horizontal offset at some angle. But your images should be rotated too. :-) I don't think that basic OpenCV calibration procedure will manage this out, but I'm curious to try this.
You see, "double axis offset" useful for detection of a disparity for horizontal lines (which are mostly invisible by horizontal offset), and also gives you some more distance between cameras (stereo base), as it is a diagonal size of a rectangular setup.
As for IMX219-83 (mentioned in our last update) - we are waiting for delivery of this item to test it. It looks interesting, as it is cheaper than a couple of camera modules, but also has additional features (like IMU) onboard. Also it has a relatively small FOV 83/73/50 degree (diagonal/horizontal/vertical). I will try to replace optics to wide angle, as used optics looks like a classic M12.
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