New CM3 Flash - not detecting one camera

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New CM3 Flash - not detecting one camera

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I have been using StereoPi v0.9. I have a perfectly working setup, that both cameras are detected. When I went to replicate the same set up with another StereoPi v0.9, and with two different boards, the left ribbon cable port is not detecting a camera. The same cameras are properly detected in my original set up. Is there something else I should do in addition to adding the dt-blob.bin file? I've enabled camera interfaces and even tried turning dtcparam=i2c_arm to off in the config.txt file. Please assist

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Re: New CM3 Flash - not detecting one camera

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If you have a perfectly working setup and need to troubleshoot another setup, I recommend to do three steps:
1. Take the micro SD from the working setup and back it up by creating IMG file. THis can help you in the future as a "reference" image, which was proven to work.
2. Create a copy ot this micro SD card, try to boot it on the first working setup. This is to check that the copy is correct
3. Insert this copied card to your new rig. If it has some issues after boot - it means the issue is on the hardware part, since software is checked and approved. If it has no issues - it just works, and you can use it.
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