Snapchat StereoPi

Raspberry Pi cameras (V1, V2, wide angle etc), HDMI capture modules etc.
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Snapchat StereoPi

Post by Frivy »

I'm considering removing all the hardware from a v1 (older) Snapchat spectacles' frame and installing the cameras from a SterePi. The idea is to make 3d video glasses.

Does anyone know of cameras and cables that are StereoPi compatible and are small enough for this application. For example using ribbon cables is not a good option.

Are twisted pair style camera cables available?

Are smaller cameras compatible with StereoPi available?

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Re: Snapchat StereoPi

Post by Realizator »

Hi Frivy,
To say briefly, StereoPi is compatible with all Raspberry Pi compatible cameras. So you can try to find Pi camera with the features you need.
As for the twisted pair style - I was not able to find any Pi-compatible flexible cable ( like this one for Mobius). You can try to DIY this cable, but CSI-2 is a high-frequency bus, and you can face some troubles with not good enough cables. With the "not ideal" cable camera will be detected, but data transfer will fail.
Smaller cameras: take a look at the Pi Zero Spy cameras. They are really tiny. But it would help if you did an adaptor to connect a small PiZero camera ribbon cable (22 pins) to the classic 15-pin camera connector used on the StereoPi.
StereoPi also supports some modules not supported by classic Raspberry Pi. You can look at and Arducam solutions too. Please note that all IMX219 and IMX477-based cameras should work out-of-the-box, but for other sensors, you need to do a tricky driver install process (and it's a headache).
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