SLP2 image over-exposure - StereoPi V2

Raspberry Pi cameras (V1, V2, wide angle etc), HDMI capture modules etc.
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SLP2 image over-exposure - StereoPi V2

Post by davidheiserca »

All the outdoor images from my StereoPi V2 are badly washed out.

The ISO, EV, and Exposure settings in SLP2 don't have much affect.

It's a show-stopper.

Indoor shots look fine.

Maybe the cameras don't have enough time to meter the light before making the exposure.

Is there a fix?

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Re: SLP2 image over-exposure - StereoPi V2

Post by Realizator »

Hi davidheiserca,
I can't quickly catch the potential issue there. Could you please share one of your photos and your settings?
You can do this right here on the forum, or write me an email to [mynickname]
To share your settings, you can attach the file 'stereopi.conf" from your /boot partition of the micro SD card. Unlike the 'cosmostreamer.conf' with system settings, 'stereopi.conf' contains only photo/video related settings.
Eugene a.k.a. Realizator

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