Camera images are vertically offset (not aligned)

Raspberry Pi cameras (V1, V2, wide angle etc), HDMI capture modules etc.
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Camera images are vertically offset (not aligned)

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I've set up my StereoPi using two Raspberry Pi cameras attached to the acrylic board. I've made sure they are centered properly. However, whenever I take a stereo image, the right frame is vertically offset downward from the left frame.

Here's an image taken from the SLP OS image: Holding a phone up to the cameras shows just how much vertical offset there is.

This problem also occurs with other cameras - tried both with two wide-angle cameras attached to the other acrylic sheet, and two Pi Pro cameras mounted in a 3d printed case - same exact effect, the right image is offset from the left vertically. Additionally, when using the Pro cameras, the white balance on the right image differs significantly from the left.

The problem also occurs when capturing with raspistill, or using Python + PiCamera or Python + OpenCV for capture. No matter what setup I use, the same effect occurs - right image offset vertically and incorrect white balance.

Please advise?

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