Micro 4/3 lenses on the HQ Camera module

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Micro 4/3 lenses on the HQ Camera module

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I wish to use my m4/3 lenses on the HQ Camera module, but there is no m4/3 to C-mount adapters on the marked. (only the wrong way)

The reason for a non existent m4/3 to C-mount adapter is:
The flange distance on a C-mount is 17.526 mm and the flange distance on m4/3 is 19.25 mm. This gives a play of 1,724mm, and the problem is that the depth of the bayonet is 4mm. So the C-mount needs to be 2,276mm inside the bayonet of the m4/3 lens.

I did order the CNC machining metal housing. So the best solution is to CNC machining a new custom frontplate for a m4/3 bayonet mount with the correct flange distance. I have a strong wish that the StereoPi project will consider this option.

Maybe anyone have som good ideas?

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Re: Micro 4/3 lenses on the HQ Camera module

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Hi Wmedia,
If you can do a kind of draft drawings - it will be great! We can look at the available options.
As I know, the default HQ housing (and the native HQ camera metal setup) are designed for the CS optics, which has 12.526 flange focal distance (source - Wiki). This means you can use a couple of C/CS mount adaptors, which are, in fact, just increases the distance between the sensor and the backside of the lens. These adapters are inexpensive and have a variable length. Can this approach work for you?
Eugene a.k.a. Realizator

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