JST conector type

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JST conector type

Post by AlexVega »

Hi!! I have recently broke the connection between the usb power cable an the JST connector.

I have resolved it by splicing the cables manually (to keep working), now I was searching for the JST connector on Amazon but I'm not sure which type is, and I did'nt find any reference to look up for.

Does anyone know which type of JST connector is? I think Im gonna by a lot of them because I think I'm not handy with this little electronic things and don't wanna miss on the selection of the connector :lol: :lol:

Thanks a lot guys!!

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Re: JST conector type

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Hi Alex,
1. You should have two cables with JST connector soldered in the plastic bag with your StereoPi as a spare part. We put them in each board's bag (regardless of the other kit content).
2. Exact connector type name is "JST EHR-2".
Some links:
3. As a workaround you can use two wires with the "female" jumping wires connector, or a coupled 2.54 connector. They both fit the JST EHR-2, as it has a 2.54mm step.
Eugene a.k.a. Realizator

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