How Do I Watch?

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How Do I Watch?

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Hi! I just backed the V2 and can't wait to get started playing with this amazing board! I've been digesting everything on the site and forum in anticipation. One missing bit of information that I can't seem to find though is how you actually view the content you create with the StereoPi. I gather that it creates 3D SBS videos. So, do I need to get an Oculus or other VR headset to view them? And if so, how do I sideload onto those devices?

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Re: How Do I Watch?

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Hi Thismarty,
You have these options:

- You can use a google-cardboard device to put your phone in it. There are a lot of plastic devices (like the one we used in our DIY helmet experiment)
- You can look at SBS image using the cross-eye technique
- If you upload the recorded video to YouTube, you can see it in VR mode inside YouTube application

- If you upload SBS video to YouTube, it recognizes the format and shows it to you on the screen in anaglyph mode.

- You can use side applications like Skybox, which can show SBS in 3D (we mentioned our hack of the Skybox protocol here)
- Using our application (will be published soon)

I hope this helps!

p.s. You can also be interested in these 3 links:
1. - the tool to post-process the stereoscopic photos
2. The art of the stereoscopic photo, part 1 on our blog
3. The art of the stereoscopic photo, part 2 - assembly and the real-lite tests
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