Jetson Nano Compatible

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Jetson Nano Compatible

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Is StereoPi compatible with the Jetson Nano for object recognition and SLAM? If so, how do I connect them?

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Re: Jetson Nano Compatible

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Hi joshkindhart,
Just answered on your email :-)
This is just two different micro computers. If you want to use them together and nearby, you may use a couple of connections methods (excluding wireless):
1. Connect them by Ethernet, as both has a RJ45 connector.
2. Turn on USB gadget on StereoPi, enable RNDIS mode, and connect StereoPi over micro USB connector with Jetson's USB. In this case Jetson will detect StereoPi as a network device, and they can work together. Please notice, in this case USB and LAN are disabled on the StereoPi.
After that you can capture stereoscopic video livestream from StereoPi to use Jetson's goodies (yeah, CUDA is a great thing).

Actually Jetson module supports up to 4 cameras, but you need to use customized carrier board. You can find some ready-to-use customized boards. For example, from this hardware developers team Auvidea.
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