Stereopi power over gpio headers

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Stereopi power over gpio headers

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I plan to enclosure my Stereopi and need a button to turn it on and off. I will have no access to the power switch.

My first plan has been to use the onoff shim by pimoroni ( which powers the stereopi through the gpio headers, with a button to shutdown and kill power. I have had some unreliability with it so far (failing to kill power, or scripts crashing). Is there anything I need to be aware of?

The second option was to use a button on GPIO headers to do a shutdown and start up, with power via jst connector, however this wont remove the power so the stereopi remains in idle, which isn't ideal.

Is there a third way that I haven't thought of?

Thanks for any suggestions

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Re: Stereopi power over gpio headers

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Hi. I looked at the link you gave, and it seems to do what you are looking for.
The install script is full of unrelated things so that I did not have the patience to read all. Thus I do not know how it starts, but I have seen that the code is actually hosted there:

By the way, if you think that the way they do it is not correct for you, the README says that the button is connected to pin "BCM 17" (and the led too) and that the power signal is on "BCM 4" (probably shut down when set to output 0, but not full checked). So you could write your own code to use their hardware directly, to have a solution similar to your option 2, but with cut power.
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