Support 2 HQ cameras

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Sergey Faschevsky
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Support 2 HQ cameras

Post by Sergey Faschevsky »

Добрый день! Поддерживает ли StereoPi две HQ камеры? есть ли возможность запуска камер по внешнему триггеру? HI! do StereoPI work with 2 HQ cameras? How I can get a snapshots via external trigger signal?

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Re: Support 2 HQ cameras

Post by stereomaton »

According to this tweet, realizator (from the team of StereoPi) managed to use two HQ cameras.

For the external trigger, this thread viewtopic.php?f=10&t=106 gives a solution that is integrated with the default system.
For lower latency, this article ... opi-boards gives in-depth explanation, that you can use with a single board too, but you have to throw out default behavior.
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Re: Support 2 HQ cameras

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Hi Sergey,
I hope Stereomaton answered your question. You can also take a look at his article on an external triggering.
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