SLP2 and CM4

SLP v2 RaspiOS image discussion
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SLP2 and CM4

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First of all, I am quite new to Raspberry Pi, so please, concider that there may be obvious things that I have not done correctly.

I have recently received a Steropi v2 board, and a CM4108032. Following the different steps on the wiki page, I have tried to use the SLP2 images provided. I managed to mount the system using the rpiboot feature, and write the image on the eMMC using RpiImager. However, it seems that there are some kind of troubles, from what I understand, the SLP2 version on the link is not compatible with my CM4. You can see enclosed a picture of the screen I have when booting the system.

From this point, I have changed the OS by a Raspberry Pi OS (legacy) version, in order to check if my system was working. With this solution, I managed to boot the system, and even acquire some pictures from the two cameras that I had plugged in the CSI ports. However, I would rather use the SLP2 software that seems pretty nice.

Is there an obvious solution, or something that I may have not done properly ?

Thank you in advance for your feedbacks,
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Re: SLP2 and CM4

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Hi Guillaume,

Uh... I had never faced an issue like this. I'll try to find CM4108032 to test this. It looks like 8Gb has some specific EEPROM, which requires kernel update in SLP.
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