SD card not detected

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SD card not detected

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I'm trying to flash the "cpp+python Raspbian" img provided on the Wiki on a 128GB SD Card.
I used balenaEtcher and was able to write the image on the card without any problems.
However, when I try to use it on StereoPi v2, the bootloader indicates that the SD card is not detected.

I also tried using Raspberry Pi Imager to flash the OS, no go.
I also tried flashing the SLP2 img, works but how to expand the root partition?

I tried the included SD cards, both SLP and Raspi (green and red) cards, they work fine.

Am I missing something on flashing the ready-made StereoPi images on an SD card with larger capacity?


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Re: SD card not detected

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Hi, angelyn.mercado,

Well, I'm a bit confused by this information. Technically StereoPi can manage this card size (like the regular Raspberry Pi), but I've never checked this by myself. I'll buy a 128Gb card and test how it works.

You can use one of the included micro SD cards to image them by the img file you need to proceed with your experiments.
Eugene a.k.a. Realizator

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