"Connection Failed" in browser - Camera-view ok in monitor

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"Connection Failed" in browser - Camera-view ok in monitor

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Hello Realizator,

i've had my StereoPi V2 for a couple of weeks now and have seen it running using both the 8-19 release and the 11-19 beta release but now i keep getting "connection failed" with the red/blue glasses screen. the sofware is running, i see the 2-camera output on my field monitor, but i cannot access the controls from either my browser (firefox - PC win10) or by cosmostreamer. i do not see cosmostreamer in my wifi list (anymore). Can you help me troubleshoot this situation?

4 different ethernet cables
firewall off
run network diagnostics

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Re: "Connection Failed" in browser - Camera-view ok in monitor

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Hi Tallman64,
If you see 2-camera output on your monitor, it means we can exclude the connectivity issues.
1. Ethernet
If you connect StereoPi v2 by ethernet cable to the hub (but nit to the PC directly), it should be visible in the network regardless of the WiFi settings. We always use Ethernet as a Plan B - no settings, it just works.
You say you can't find StereoPi in the network neither by browser/cosmostreamer app, nor by IP scanner. Right?

2. WiFi
As I understand you are using the Access Point mode. This mode should turn on the visible AP regardless of the Ethernet connection status.

From what I see, I have two ideas here:
- some update has been installed using apt-get update. usually this breaks a lot of settings to "defaults" and it's hard to turn them back
- an issue with the configuration files

If you can share cosmostreamer.conf file with me - I can try to find the issue here (if any).
Could you please share your file here on the forum, or send it to me at [my_nickname]@gmail.com? config.txt and stereopi.conf files will be useful too.
Eugene a.k.a. Realizator

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