How to shutdown StereoPi

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How to shutdown StereoPi

Post by srathinagiri »

Sorry for this basic question.

How to shutdown StereoPi when it is not connected with any keyboard or mouse or monitor?

Is there any hardware swicth for this available?

From stereopi.local can we send a console command,

sudo shutdown -h now

Is it the correct method?

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Re: How to shutdown StereoPi

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Hello srathinagiri,

1. The first methid is a software shutdown. You can use any command like "sudo poweroff" or shutdown.

2. The second method is hardware poweroff. We have a special jumper (marked as a "Power switch pins" at this diagram). Or you can just disconnect the power cable. If you are planning to do hardware poweroff, do not forget to run "sync" command to "land" all mem-cached data to the micro SD.
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