UV Filters are damaged

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UV Filters are damaged

Post by David.Penney »

I ordered and received two kits. However the UV filters on both are damaged.
The surface has bubbles on it.
I saw this happened to others due to an interaction with the plastic bags they came in.

Would you kindly send replacements.
I have raised a support ticket but they are not responding to follow ups at all.

Should I contact the credit card company for a chargeback? What is the procedure please to get these defective filters replaced with good ones?

Thanks very much.
Best regards

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Re: UV Filters are damaged

Post by Realizator »

Hi David,

Yes, we have had some filters issues caused by the plastic bags.

Could you please send me more details (where you bought the kits, date, and the delivery address) to my email, and I'll manage the replacement shipment for you!

My email is [my nickname on this forum]@gmail.com
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Re: UV Filters are damaged

Post by BobbyBadBoy »

I also have issues with both my IR filters, they have multiple scratches on them. they are only noticeable when the lens is looked at from a reflective angle.

Can I also get some help with this? I don't want to proceed assembling my stuff until I can sort this out because then i just need to take it apart anyway.

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