IP address for StereoPi on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04)

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IP address for StereoPi on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04)

Post by KevinMoerman »

To date the instructions for StereoPi appear to focus on MacOS and WIndows. It would be great if some basic instructions for Linux users could be added.

The first point is connecting to the StereoPi over the network. For MacOS and Windows it says to connect to:
However as mentioned it does not work on Linux.
Question: Why does this not work on Linux? Can you make it work? I have a project with my kids for a wildlife camera (https://mynaturewatch.net/daylight-camera-instructions) where they do have a system where stuff can successfully stream on a link like this. Can this be made to work for StereoPi?

I then followed the alternative steps to scan the network to find the IP address of the device. On Ubuntu I used:

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sudo arp-scan -l | sort
From the output I found this to be the StereoPi: 1c:bf:ce:bf:4f:43 Shenzhen Century Xinyang Technology Co., Ltd

This works in principle but I've noticed the IP address may change (it changed on me when I had to power down and power up the SteroePi).
Question: Can a static IP address be set so it does not change? Again the mynaturewatch project also has a static IP it seems.


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Re: IP address for StereoPi on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04)

Post by stereomaton »

(this quick answer is not elaborated and without checking, but it may help you)

On Linux, the .local domain naming is done with mdns / zeroconf / avahi (three terms for your searches).
Perhaps that the service is not running or the configuration is not working on your system. Note: I do not know it well.

The router I have also intercepts this name and creates a stereopi.home address.
Some routers allow to set a fixed IP by DHCP based on the MAC address, and some even to attribute a DNS to it.
Alternatively, you can probably replace the DHCP request by a static IP in the StereoPi (search for a tutorial for Raspbian, but not a graphical one)
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