Want to build a 4 eye camera for lenticular

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Want to build a 4 eye camera for lenticular

Post by 3D-holgi »

I'm looking for an easy solution to build an camera with min. 4 camera to make lenticular photos.
My first idea was and is the state in the moment, to take 4 zero's with raspi cam v1.3 and a raspi 3 (as manager).
They are connect with ethernet.
Now I found StereoPi an my thinking was is it possible to combine 2 StereoPi's to get 4 synchronized images?

The other thing is to take 1 Stereopi with 2 Arducam stereo hat's, but when I anderstand the Arducam's deskription from Arducam they get with the Raspi cams only a half width image or I had to buy special Arducam.
This all together seems very expensive.

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Re: Want to build a 4 eye camera for lenticular

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Hi 3D-holgi,
You can sync a couple of StereoPi's by GPIO, this is the easiest way. Ideal way is to use external "timer" like Arduino, which sends two signals by GPIO to both StereoPi, and they did a photo. I mentioned this approach in a one of our updates here.

Another way is to use one StereoPi as a "master", and another as a "slave". Master should send a "shot" command over GPIO, but you need to tune this time difference (like taking several photos of high-speed onscreen timer by both StereoPis). Ideally "master" should start photo procedure right after sending this command to slave, to minimize time difference.

If you are advanced hardware engineer, you can also do hardware sync between each couples of cameras by soldering camera's oscillators (one oscillator per 2 cameras), or even all 4 cameras (be sure both StereoPi has the same GND). With this sync you'll have a nanosecond-level cameras sync.
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