3d Video Livestream

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3d Video Livestream

Post by cmazzoli »

Hey there!

looking to get a few of these stereopi for my students to work with. We are especially interested in the 3d video livestream to youtube!

I see on the website there is an example video with the fish tank, however I do not see a tutorial on how to do it. Will that be coming in the future? is it here somewhere and I just don't see it?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: 3d Video Livestream

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Hi Cmazzoli,
Actually SLP has buitl-in feature for RTSP livestream, and you can use it for livestreaming to youtube. The procedure is very simple, so we did not created separate article for this, but added a quick manual here in our Wiki:
Livestream to YouTube, StereoPi Wiki
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