StereoPi Field Report contest - afterthought

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StereoPi Field Report contest - afterthought

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The September Grand Prix is finished and the laureates are known.
Congratulations to all who participated, it was a pleasure to read about the projects of other people, but there were very few of them submitted.

Except if some projects are still in the pipe, I counted 3 submissions published whose authors are the 3 people who won something. At least, nobody is frustrated to be the fourth who get nothing.

In my opinion, the delay was very short. I am known to be efficient in my projects, two hackers assisted me in some aspects of the thing (even if I did the most part myself), I had prior knowledge in a variety of fields related to stereo and embedded systems, we started a few days before the contest announcement with the intention to share the result with you... and we still found it tricky to write a report within the 3 weeks for the summer price and it was difficult to schedule the final report to have a nice coherent series.

Sure our project was far more ambitious than the minimum level awaited, but by scaling easier projects with discovering people, it was probably also short for them. It should have been even shorter for people who did not receive their board when the contest was announced.

I hope you have planned some long-term field report contest (or similar) to continue to have such interesting feedback about projects.

By the way, I am very happy with my stereopi and I have other projects to do with it that I will expose on this forum nonetheless.
I learned a ton of interesting things about image processing, stereo & co with the stereopi, the summer price allowed me to explore some aspects I would never have tried otherwise and the new kit will open even more possibilities. Now comes the hard challenge: manage to schedule some time to play with it.
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