Watch / Android app controlled 3D video camera

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Watch / Android app controlled 3D video camera

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So this is my main purpose for purchase of the StereoPi. I plan on 3D printing a case to hold the StereoPi, Battery, a Pimoroni eink screen, and SD card in a chest pocket on a Columbia lightweight vest. The case will be shaped like an upside down J with the short leg holding the cameras and the eink screen. The eink screen I am using is the small sized one made to fit over a Raspberry Pi Zero. The screen will be used to run selectible images stored in the StereoPi, mainly for decoration. But during development I will probably use it for debugging and basic status, i.e. recording, hdmi connected. In the main part of the case will be the battery, Stereo Pi, and thumb drive. All video will be recorded to the thumb drive.

I was planning on having an app on my fitbit versa watch connect to an app on my android phone. Then the phone app would connect to the stereopi to start and stop recording, take stills, etc. However I have since discovered an example project that shows a fairly easy way to connect Fitbit Versa app to the raspberry pi. Basically the Raspberry Pi runs a small webservice that the Versa pushes data too. So now I am thinking about having the control be done through the Versa. But a separate python script on the StereoPi will stream to the phone if a certain command is sent from the Versa.

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Re: Watch / Android app controlled 3D video camera

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JustSomeGuyTN, cool idea!
To say the true, I also looked at tiny e-ink displays for indication, as they has a lot of advantages over simple LEDs.
Cannot wait to look at photos of your device! :-)
Eugene a.k.a. Realizator

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