3d Astronomy with PiCams

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3d Astronomy with PiCams

Post by mattpenn2015 »


Just got a pointer to the board and did a quick scan, but haven't found anyone working in this direction. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

I'm working with two HQcams myself, and then collaborating with some colleagues and a high school class, to do some 3d astronomy with PiCameras. The projects include:

(1) initial tests with airplanes from my rooftop; 15m camera baseline -- done!
(2) 3d images of aurora; 600m camera baseline -- next month, if weather cooperates!
(3) lunar eclipse in 3d; 100-1000km baselines -- colleagues across the USA

Has anyone here taken these types of images?

Better question: is anyone on this board interested in working on projects like this?


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Re: 3d Astronomy with PiCams

Post by Tallman64 »

Hi Matt,

I'm impressed and interested in what you were doing with your long baseline photography. I don't do these types of pictures yet but I'm planning to. I have a couple of Raspberry Pi brand telephoto lenses and would like to take pictures of birds at a distance in the near future. Do you have any advice or links to where I can find out about long baseline photography? I'm looking at distances to the subject of about 20 to 30 yards.

I have a projection system set up and would love to see what your Aurora videos look like on a big screen. Would you consider sending me a link to a file? My projector resolutions are twin 1024 x 768. So my typical file sizes 2048 x 768. Side-by-side format of course - but any format will do.

Chris in Montreal

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