Idea : stereoscopic camera person counter

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Idea : stereoscopic camera person counter

Post by fruitjog »

There are many commercial overhead people counter in the market e.g.
Counting people, they are used in retail shops to combat covid infections. Looking for more projects in this area to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

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Re: Idea : stereoscopic camera person counter

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Fruitjog, yep, there are a lot of commercial solutions, based on stereoscopic vision. They are doing their job fine, but all of them are not hacker-friendly and using a closed commercial hardware/software. So if you are looking for a commercial solution - it's a good way to look at them. But if you are a maker and want to create your own project with access to all software and hardware options - you can use StereoPi, as it is designed right for this use case!
BTW, you can easily do this camera person counter using StereoPi :-)
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