Images acquisition and storing + EKF with stereopi

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Images acquisition and storing + EKF with stereopi

Post by oznerol »

Hello Everybody. I am planning to develop a sensor acquisition platform for Computer Vision purposes and to do so I was wondering whether stereopi could work for my case.

In particular I need it for:
- acquiring stereocamera images
- acquiring thermal (USB) images
- acquire data from an IMU-GPS sensor and do some real-time computation (EKF).

The stereopi should trigger the acqusition of both stereocamera and thermal camera (through command line given by the phone or through a mechanical button) and store it to an external hard disk.
Do you think it's feasible? Will stereopi be a good solution for my project?

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Re: Images acquisition and storing + EKF with stereopi

Post by Realizator »

Hi Oznerol,
Points 1 and 3 from your list are doable with no issues.
But point 2 (thermal images by USB) is a problem. WIth native (CSI-2) cameras we have extra-fast and controllable data exchange with the cameras, as data goes directly to the GPU memory in a very optimized manner. But for USB you will have a bigger latency and less control. This issue persists with both visible spectrum and thermal cameras, working by USB. In this case, the bottleneck is the USB data exchange pipeline. To say briefly, you'll have a bigger latency.
Of course, you can try to do a workaround (like measure average delay and adjust timestamps for the thermal images, to fit them later).
This latency might be minor if you are working with the low-resolution thermal cameras.
Before you start, I'd suggest you do a brief experiment using your thermal camera and a classic Raspberry Pi, and measure the latency you have. If you think it's Ok, you can move forward.
Eugene a.k.a. Realizator

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