Learning to design a case [and more]

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Learning to design a case [and more]

Post by Triops »

I have very little experience with design but I've thrown myself in head first as I need a case that accommodates three camera sensors and LED lights. I'm also aiming to assemble some custom UV and IR LED lighting as my long term plans include seeing as much outside the visual spectrum as possible.

Are there any open source files for the V2 acrylic case or something similar that I could copy and manipulate to meet my needs?

Do you have any words of wisdom that will expedite my first PCB design for SMD LEDs?

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Re: Learning to design a case [and more]

Post by Realizator »

Hi Triops,

There is no magic in the case design. The main point is to have a good 3D drawings of all parts you'd like to design a case for. You can use these 3D models to do exact measurements for your enclosure.

Here in the Wiki you can find the STEP file for StereoPi V2.

For specific items (like camera models) you can use free models from https://grabcad.com/library. We usually check size with real models before using them. :-)

As for the acrylic case parts - please see the attached file (archived DXF). We are using QCad for this.

Screenshot 2022-06-24 at 12.52.24.png
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Re: Learning to design a case [and more]

Post by Blinky »

Not sure if it has been mentioned before but Thingiverse has a few Stereopi related designs. https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=st ... t=relevant


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