goodbye friends

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goodbye friends

Post by stereomii »

Dear stereopi forum friends, you may have noticed that my contributions have dropped to zero over the past months. This is no lack of interest but the result of an aggressive and untreatable brain tumor, paralyzing the right side of my body. It will kill me in the next weeks or months.
I enjoyed being part of of this group, thank you for your inspiration, cooperation and wish you all good luck with your projects.
Jan a.k.a. stereomii
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Re: goodbye friends

Post by stereomaton »

Woo. It is very sad. I do not know how to react just after reading this, but still want to answer. I enjoyed reading about your experiments and knowing that the small bits I shared were useful to someone. I feel honored that you came back here to say this in your situation. Goodbye and good luck nonetheless.
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Re: goodbye friends

Post by Realizator »

Hello Stereomii,
It's really sad. You inspired us to do a lot of improvements in our SLP image, and if we collect all your forum posts, we can do a book with receipts for advanced stereoscopic photographers! Thank you!
Please be well. This life is full of miracles, and I will hope to see you back with new ideas and publications!
Eugene a.k.a. Realizator

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Re: goodbye friends

Post by julsboo »

I'm new here and I already read countless time your topic "3d cam with mobile phone as viewfinder and controller"
it's full of information so I just wanted to thank you

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