OctoPrint Usage: How do I get OctoPi to recognize the cameras?

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OctoPrint Usage: How do I get OctoPi to recognize the cameras?

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Hello, StereoPi forums! I've decided to side with a Jetson Nano for my autonomous robot project after I practiced after enjoying teleoperating it. That being said, I wish to repurpose the StereoPi to monitor my Prusa i3 MK3S MMU2S. I was able to successfully communicate with the printer over GPIO serial, and have fully established compatibility with all of the CM3+ Lite's components with one exception: the cameras. Now, it should be noted that by default, when using OctoPi on any of the more common Pi models (Pi Zero/3A-B+/4B), OctoPi will automatically find and configure any USB or Pi based cameras, at which point the camera appears under the Control tab with the live feed. This behavior is observed with my previous Pi Zero; but not only does the OctoPrint project advise NOT to use Pi Zero (against Prusa's advice), it is indeed heavily underpowered. Additionally, I would like to install another camera on the printer, one to monitor the MMU2S unit on top, and one to monitor the extruder/heatbed. I might additionally attach a high-quality USB webcam in the future for timelapses, but one thing at a time.

That being said, when connecting the cameras to the camera points on the StereoPi, MJPEG-Streamer does not initialize either camera. I can plug in a webcam using any of the USB ports, and it functions as expected. To be honest, I'm not quite sure where to go with this problem from here; I've confirmed that the Pi Camera is enabled in raspi-config, and OctoPi doesn't offer any settings for connected cameras unless it detects that a camera is connected; the only option offered under Camera & Timelapses is to enter a webcam address, or flip any active feeds in a certain direction.

I do suspect the solution lies under the DIY Ninjas Section. https://wiki.stereopi.com/index.php?tit ... as_Section
Perhaps I have to spin up a new instance of OctoPrint and replace or add the dt-blob.bin and dt-blob.bin files?

For the record, I've seen one or two threads about using StereoPi with OctoPrint, but the workaround solution has been to use the SLP Playground image and simply have another Pi running OctoPi receive the stream over the network. I want a fully integrated solution communicating with the CM3+ and StereoPi through the internal headers directly to the Einsy RAMBo, and using local Pi cameras to monitor the printer's vital moving components. Can any of you guys help me out with this?

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Re: OctoPrint Usage: How do I get OctoPi to recognize the cameras?

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I did not see your message before. The dt-blob looked like a good start, did it solve your problem?
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