StereoPi v2 with Radxa CM3

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StereoPi v2 with Radxa CM3

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Hi all,

because supply shortage of RPI CM4, I bought Radxa CM3. It boots when attached to StereoPi v2. Further, I got myself 2 Raspberry Pi camera v2.

I want to use Ubuntu 20.04 Server image, kernel 4.19. (Later add ROS but that's for another day)
First, this does not come with graphics drivers and does not recognize a camera.

@Realizator, could you please provide device tree, link is dead.

If anyone got a clue here, please tell. Thanks,

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Re: StereoPi v2 with Radxa CM3

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Hi Aur20,

The link to dt-blob.bin is sitting on the main Wiki page and named "dt-blob.bin for the CM3 and CM4". You can decompile it to see the DTS file.
Eugene a.k.a. Realizator

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