Image alignment

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Image alignment

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I’m using the latest SLP to stream video at 1280x720, but I’m finding my two cameras aren’t very accurately aligned. Since the two camera images are being clipped (down the centre from what I see), it would be better if I could adjust the used portion of the image. Can I change how is is clipped to align the images better? Probably be much better if I just could use the same part of the image from both cameras.

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Re: Image alignment

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Physical cameras alignment is a challenge. Usually we try to do it as well as possible for the video live stream (as we have no real-time alignment algorithms like for the OpenCV, but for the high resolution).
For the clipping you can use the "roi" argument. I described how to use it for the photo and video in this article: Search by "roi" on this page. This ROI option is used for both cameras simultaneously, and I'm not sure you can do a different roi for each camera.
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Re: Image alignment

Post by JamesDavid »

I agree, aligning in HW is a challenge, can there be separate ROI's for each camera (using SLP)?

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