SLP improvement: multiple wifi networks configured

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SLP improvement: multiple wifi networks configured

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Observed in version 0.2.3 of SLP

I usually connect my stereopi to home WiFi network (to easily work on it with the computer) and mobile-phone WiFi network (for in-field control). However, SLP allows to store the ids of only one of these networks at a time.
By modifying the scripts, it is possible to have multiple access points registered (the first seen will be used). That way, I do not have to change the configuration of the stereopi anymore.

In /opt/StereoPi/scripts/wlan.lib.php

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        shell_exec('cat /etc/wifi.conf >> /run/' . $iface . '.conf');
just after the line 174

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        file_put_contents("/run/$iface.conf", "country=00\n");
Now, the file /etc/wifi.conf is added in the configuration of WiFi manager (takes precedence because before stereopi configuration). When trying to connect to a wifi network, it first tries the networks listed in this file from the first to the last and then the network written in the stereopi.conf file.

It is possible to make the stereopi.conf more important by adding the aforementioned added line one line after.

To construct /etc/wifi.conf, you can (with the filesystem unlocked) do

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wpa_passphrase "SSID" "password" >> /etc/wifi.conf
Example of /etc/wifi.conf file:

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Note: the #psk line is optional and can be removed like here for the MyHome2 network
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Re: SLP improvement: multiple wifi networks configured

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Thanks for this hack :D
Works like a charm. Btw I put wifi.conf in /boot. Readable by Windows.
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