How does RaspiCam handle sensor mode and resolution

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How does RaspiCam handle sensor mode and resolution

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while testing the StereoPi, I wondered how it handles width and height, when a sensor mode is set.

According to the documentation: ... nsor-modes, the sensor mode affects the recorded and provided resolution.
Is it correct that width and height scales this information to the desired resolution?
Could you help me to understand this better?
Thanks in advance.

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Re: How does RaspiCam handle sensor mode and resolution

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Hi Majs,
Actually in all our code (for both SLP and OpenCV Raspbian images) we prefer to use default settings (i.e. sensor mode is not set directly). In this case all stock utilites (raspivid, raspistill and PiCamera in Python) use autosettings.
Sensor mode is a bad idea for beginners, as it requires a good understanding of what's going on under the hood.
But if you want to understand hiw it works, I'd recommend you to look at the Sensor Mode section of PiCamera docs here. There are lot of facts and examples here.

I'm curious, why do you need sensor mode? If it is some very specific task you're solving?

UPD> I see you're already found the link I provided. To say briefly - yes, after capturing an image ISP will scale it to the desired resolution. If you describe me your situation, we can try to find appropriate settings for your case.
Eugene a.k.a. Realizator

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