S.L.P. update: v0.2.3

S.L.P. image questions, stereoscopic video livestream and recording, stereoscopic photo capture etc.
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S.L.P. update: v0.2.3

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Okay, here is a new release. We do our best to take into account all wishes from users on this forum.
- "Swap cameras" option added. Works for both photo and video
- Upside/down works for both photo and video now
- Photo resolution added
---- "Default" means max camera resolution and crop stereopair to fit
---- V1-full-size means twice V1 stereopair resolution (2x5Mpix = 10 Mpix)
---- V2-full-size means twice V2 stereopair resolution (2x8Mpix = 16 Mpix)
- Settings for both photo and video grouped at the top of main panel
- Added "Rec settings", "Stream settings", "Video settings" and "Wifi settings" groups
- White borders for icons added (for more contrast at dark background)

Download update: 0.2.3
How to install (cite from Wiki):
1. Copy downloaded file (2.5 Mb) to /BOOT section of your micro SD card
2. Insert it in the StereoPi, power it on
3. Done

We will be pleased if you can install this update and test it!
Eugene a.k.a. Realizator

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Re: S.L.P. update: v0.2.3

Post by Taki »

Hi Eugene,

I can confirm it works. I uploaded it via web browser and after a few moments, i had a stream on both, my browser and my smartphone. The V1 cameras need obviously more light ;)

Thanks for the good work!

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