SLP2 discussion

S.L.P. image questions, stereoscopic video livestream and recording, stereoscopic photo capture etc.
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SLP2 discussion

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SLP2 (or StereoPi Livestream Playground v2) is a specially cooked Raspberry OS, designed for the stereoscopic video live stream and recording, and for the stereoscopic photo experiments. You can take a look at some features in this brief video on YouTube.

Here is the early testers access:

1. SLP 2 image file (800Mb).

2. Update (please install!). Update file 0.8.9 (11 Mb)
To install the update, go to the "System" tab in the "Device settings" and upload this file. Or just put it to the BOOT partition manually.

3. Config file (cosmostreamer.conf) example is attached.
Key notes:
Ethernet access does not require any settings
Default WiFi settings (AP mode) are done for the CM4 or Pi4 (rows 35-43 in the attached file)
For external WiFi configuration (client mode):
- turn off AP mode, i.e. change row 37 "ap_iface=int" to "ap_iface="
- row 67 - change "wifi_iface=" to "wifi_iface=ext"
- rows 70 and 73 - put your WiFi name and password

Note: like with the SLP 1, this image is a simplified version of our Cosmostreamer solution. So don't be confused if you find both StereoPi and Cosmostreamer names in the code. :-)

Known issues (to be fixed):
1. Default video bitrate at the first start is 3Kbit/sec. Manually change it to 3000000 to fix.
2. The following image effects are not working correctly in the stereoscopic mode (Raspberry OS issue):
They will be removed from the video effects list.
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