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New to Raspberry Pi

Posted: Tue Feb 23, 2021 5:24 am
by mango
Hi, I am new to Raspberry Pi, so this is a very basic question.

I was able to set up set up the StereoPi hardware and access the device via stereo.local using a wifi module ( My next project is to (1) stitch photos together and (2) create a hardware button for this system that will allow me to take photos and video.

What do I need to do to use the StereoPi as a computer instead of an image capture system with a web interface? I would like to code on this device, but I'm having a tough time making the leap from "I can access the device via my browser" to "I can code on this device and access the media folder". What do I need to do to write my first "hello world" program in Python on the StereoPi? Do I need a different Raspberry Pi OS image? Do I need to set the device up as a USB device? something else?

Thank you!

Re: New to Raspberry Pi

Posted: Tue Feb 23, 2021 10:10 am
by Realizator
Hi Mango,
Short answers:
1. You can use a desktop-like environment. Use stock RaspiOS, and just add dt-blob.bin (as described in Wiki) to enable 2 cameras. In this case, you can work like with the desktop computer.
2. Take a look at this post about the physical button to take photos

You also say "stitch photos together". Usually, you get already stitched photos. Maybe I didn't get your idea, please clarify.

Raspberry Pi is an embedded system, so it is better to save CPU/RAM resources if possible. That's why a lot of specific OS exists, focused on remote access. For example our SLP or MotionEye. We also have another image, OpenCV. It is intended right for the case you are describing: desktop environment, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
As a small tip, I'd recommend you to have a few micro SD with different OS images. It really helps with the troubleshooting.

Re: New to Raspberry Pi

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2021 3:07 am
by mango
Thank you for your reply regarding development environments and setting up a camera -- I will look into these.

With respect to "stitch photos together", you are correct, the videos are already stitched. However, I copied one of the videos I took with the V1 cameras over to Oculus Quest, and I'm not experiencing a stereoscopic effect. I have been able to experience a stereoscopic effect with videos I've taken from an off-the-shelf 180 camera. The video from the off-the-shelf camera also appears to have an equirectangular projection.

(1) What do I need to do to the video recordings from stereopi to view a movie is stereo on the Oculus headset?
(2) Is it possible to get a stereo video from both the V1 cameras and the Waveshare “G” wide-angle (160°) cameras?

Thank you!

Re: New to Raspberry Pi

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2021 12:58 pm
by Realizator
Hi Mango,
The video from the StereoPi is (usually) side-by-side. You can view it on the mobile phone using the cardboard-like solution. But Oculus is a more advanced thing. Ideally, it needs an equirectangular video. You can do this by post-processing, and it needs a lot of tricks. This is too big topic to describe in a few words :-) As for our upcoming Oculus software, we used a trick. We did a custom shader, so our side-by-side video is split into two images, and each of them is used as a texture for the hemisphere. Thus you can use a live stream with no need to do this power-hungry equirectangular transformation. Our new SLP will have the feature of adding a special tag to the video, so YouTube can recognize it as a stereoscopic video.

As for your question (2): if both cameras have the same sensor model, you can do this. But if not (like one camera is v1 with ov5647, and another is v2 with IMX219) - you'll face some troubles. Waveshare G is using ov5647 sensor, the same as the V1 camera, so this should work.
By the way, we already did this experiment :-) We posted the result in one of our updates for the previous crowdfunding campaign. You can find details at the end of this post.

Re: New to Raspberry Pi

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2021 11:18 pm
by stereomaton
What do I need to do to the video recordings from stereopi to view a movie is stereo on the Oculus headset?
I have no experience with it, but I heard of people looking at side-by-side videos/movies in their oculus headset.
So there should be applications to load such videos. With a quick search, I found (probably not the only one) which seems to have options for side-by-side, and options to display on a plane, as you can see on this screenshot: