SLP max width/height params

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SLP max width/height params

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I'm Alex and I'm starting in this world of AI/VR. I purchased few days ago the stereoPi and I've been playing with it ever since.
I'm mostly getting use to the SLP parameters and how to transmit the image through the net.

Today I was playing with the image in an oculus device and I was changing the height and width manually from de stereopi.conf file, and when I put more than the width/height maximum option displayed on the stereopi/local menu, it displays a black image. Is it because is the maximum default for the SLP configuration? I'm kinda lost :|

Thank you all for your time

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Re: SLP max width/height params

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Hi Alex,
Settings in the stereopi.conf file are defaults and used by the system right after the boot. When you are changing them using Admin panel, the last settings are saved to this file. It is better to use the Admin panel for the first experiments.
If you need to do some specific settings, you can change parameters you need in the code directly (for example here: /opt/StereoPi/scripts/

Could you please tell us, which settings are you trying to put to the stereopi.conf? Maybe we can help you with adjusting them.
Eugene a.k.a. Realizator

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