Where are the photos?

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Where are the photos?

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since very long time the StereoPI V2 package(deluxe kit) arrived I finally found some time to assemble and run it.
Today I downloaded the latest SLP image and put it onto the SD card using the etcher software.
The connection to my WiFi router works well and I can access the Web UI and see left and right image on screen as well as on the small Waveshare 2" LCD . If in the WebUI I click the shutter button (to take images, not start video) I see that the button gets disabled for short time and enabled again, so it seems it takes a photo. But I cannot see where the photo is saved.
If I look into /mnt/DCIM it's empty. If I look in the bottom left corner of the Web UI it says failed:


What I am missing please?

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